Improving rail transportation is a good idea. Let’s look at all the options.

Who We Are

Various local groups and individuals have joined together to form InterCityRail, an advocacy organization that promotes evidence-based solutions for improved, reliable and affordable passenger rail transportation in southwestern Ontario. We are made up of various local groups and individuals, with people from every walk of life, including farming, engineering, education, law, retail, business and representatives of local government.

Our Vision

InterCityRail supports the province’s goals of shifting transportation patterns away from automobile use, managing traffic congestion in major centres and on highways, and transitioning to a low-carbon economy, particularly in the transportation sector. We believe improving rail service in southwestern Ontario is necessary, overdue and can be accomplished using a common-sense, common-good approach, if we look at all the options.

Our Concerns

Outside the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, both the federal and provincial governments remain bereft of integrated transportation policy, and use public transportation spending as a political vote-buying tool. The proposed Kitchener to London high-speed rail project has been sold to constituents and municipalities on false pretences.

InterCityRail shares the concern of those potentially affected by this politically motivated decision: a 250 km/h greenfield railway will be highly disruptive to rural and urban dwellers alike and none of the provincially claimed benefits will be realized. This single focus approach by the province ignores other rail alternatives that could deliver needed improvements more rapidly, at a fraction of the cost and risk to taxpayers.

Our Mandate

The role of InterCityRail is to conduct in-depth research into the province’s claims about HSR, and to offer this research to municipal leaders and the general public who can then make informed, fact-based decisions.

Our objective is to have the Province of Ontario expand its $15-million, four-year Environmental Assessment to review all viable options for enhanced rail service between London and Kitchener, while providing absolute assurance that all passenger rail services currently offered by VIA Rail in southwestern Ontario will remain matched to customer demand. Resolving Ontario’s transportation challenges is a difficult task and must involve an assessment of all reasonable alternatives.

How You Can Help Us

We urge you to support us by browsing this site for facts, ensuring you are on our e-mail distribution list, attending our public meetings, volunteering your skills and participating in our letter-writing campaign. And please, send us your questions and concerns.

Your InterCityRail team.