Email Rules

There are some rules you must follow if you want your email to get in front of a politician.

  1. Be polite. Staff will not allow emails that are rude, angry, or have bad language get to the recipient.
  2. Do not threaten any illegal action. Staff may turn threatening emails over to the police.
  3. Be brief. Keep emails to one or two points and no more than 1 or 2 pages. In the run up to the election, politicians will be very busy and won’t take the time to read long emails.
  4. Copy Kathleen Wynne and the opposition critics.
  5. If you are going to send a copy of your email to your friends and neighbours, use the blind copy. Staff will filter out anything that appears to be a “bulk” email.
  6. You will probably not get a response, and if you do, it may be meaningless: as in “We have sent your email to the Ministry of Transportation for their consideration”. If you do get a real response, please forward the email to us at If you do not receive a reply, follow up.
  7. Send different emails every week in order to keep this issue in front of the politicians.
  8. Always put “HSR between London and Kitchener” somewhere in you email message. No political party will oppose HSR between Toronto and Kitchener, and your email will be ignored if the recipient thinks you are talking about the Toronto – Kitchener segment.
  9. Remember: Your email and email address will become part of the public record. Make sure you have your facts right. Email if you would like us to verify anything for you.