How to Use Templates

  1. Select an email address from the “Politician’s Email List”. Your email program will start and the name will be placed in the To.. field. Note: if an email program does not start see below.
  2. Insert High-Speed Rail in the Subject line
  3. Select a template and click on the “Copy to clipboad” button.
  4. Go to your email program and paste the clipboard into the body of your email (ctrl + V on a Windows computer and a long press on an Android device)
  5. Address a member of Parliament simply as “Dear Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. / Dr. Last name”
  6. If you wish, personalize the template to make it reflect your views more precisely.

If an email program does not start, you do not have an email client installed on your device and you probably use your browser to access your email. In this case, start your browser, login in to your email server, and compose an email. In the Politician’s email list, you can right click on the email address (or long press on a Android device) and copy the email address to the clipboard. Paste this into the To portion of your mail. Now select a template, copy it to the clipboard and paste it into your email.