Media Links

This is a collection of various media articles relating to High Speed Rail.

Sept 12, 2018 “Farmers hope high-speed rail proposal derailed” Chris Funston:

Sept 7, 2018 “Ford has killed fast trains to Toronto” Luisa D’Amato:

Aug 31, 2018 “Are the Tories going to take a second look at high-speed rail?” John Michael McGrath -TVO:

June 6, 2018 “The Places You (Might) Go: High Speed Rail in WR”, Kaitlyn Severin:

June 4, 2018 “Doug Ford was right (then wrong) about GO trains in Niagara”, James Culic:

May 29, 2018 “How the election could throw the Liberals’ high-speed rail plans off the track”, Mary Baxter TVO:

May 25, 2018 “High-speed rail would disrupt swathes of London” by Ken Westcar:

May 24, 2018  “High speed rail debate exposes urban, rural divide” by Heather Rivers:

May 17, 2018 “Municipalities to ask province to look at alternatives to proposed high-speed rail” by Galen Simmons:—-again

May 07, 2018  “Make high-speed rail and all-day GO an election issue” by Berry Vrbanovic:

May 01, 2018 “Ford abandons proposal for Greenbelt development after blowback” by CBC News:

April 23, 2018  “Ontario’s proposed high speed rail a ‘disadvantage’ for rural communities, says OFA” by Kaitie Fraser:

April 19, 2017  “Deb Matthews says Liberals will study, not build, high-speed rail link between Toronto and London” by The London Free Press:

April 18, 2018  “High-speed rail plan may cause hardship for rural Ontario” by Luisa D’Amato:

Apr 5, 2018  “Kathleen Wynne’s pledge to spend billions on a bullet train makes zero sense” by Jen Gerson:

March 2, 2018  “Tories can find good transit plans in their past” by Chris West and Robert Wightman:

May 24, 2017  “Slow down on high-speed rail plan” by Murtaza Haider: