Oxford County letter to Premier Wynne

March 23, 2018

Oxford County has written to Premier Kathleen Wynne, Kathryn McGarry, the Minister of Transportation, and Chris Ballard, the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, asking for a full and comparative assessment of alternates.
Letter to Premier Wynne and Ministers McGarry and Ballard March 23, 2018

Included in the pdf is MTO’s letter of February 27. Note that it says that “Topics that will be addressed within the Terms of Reference will include …. alternatives that will be examined”. It does not say that ‘alternatives to’ HSR will be examined. Alternatives include ‘alternative methods’ which is what MTO is talking about here (for example: the route may be modified to go around wetlands)

MTO has been made very clear to us that the mandate from Minister McGarry is to implement 250 kph HSR through farmland and MTO will not study any ‘alternative to’ that mandate.

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