Kitchener to London Route

Why has the Liberal Government restricted the Environmental Assessment of High Speed Rail to the Hydro One corridor between Baden and London?

The Liberal Government announced HSR rail during the 2014 election. Now, the Liberal Government is going ahead with the project but the only place where it is possible to build HSR is between Kitchener and London. The rationale for building HSR is that they said they would.

There appears to be very little evidence to show that HSR between Kitchener and London is necessary, or feasible, or environmentally sound. There is evidence to show that an enhancement of existing rail systems (ie: GO, VIA, Regional Express) is  a much better solution. This, in fact, is what is being done between Toronto and Kitchener. Why is it not being done between Kitchener and London?

Did the Liberal Government really understand the ramifications of HSR on rural communities and farm land when they promised to build this in 2014?


320 kph trains and 71 minutes between London and Toronto. CBC Apr 30, 2014

$2 to $3 billion price tag. CBC May 27, 2014

Rushed study done using Google Earth. CBC Dec 12, 2014


Deputy Premier Deb Matthews says Liberals will plan, not build HSR, London Free Press, Apr 19, 2017

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